A documentary about a 10-year-old transgender girl who finds acceptance and empowerment in the company of a queer roller derby collective.



IN THE TURN follows Crystal, a 10-year-old transgender girl growing up in rural Canada, as she navigates the difficult and complicated world that surrounds her. Tormented at school by teachers and peers alike, she faces daily assaults in the form of insults and physical altercations. The pain she endures at school takes a toll on not only her self-esteem, but also on the emotional stability of her family.

Our film documents Crystal’s journey as she and her family struggle against the challenges of prejudice, hatred and ignorance. After being denied the right to join local athletics teams due to her gender, Crystal and her mom serendipitously discover the Vagine Regime, an international queer collective of roller derby players comprised of people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and identities. The Vagine Regime not only accepts Crystal, but actively supports her journey. Crystal emerges from exclusion into empowerment: she steps out of the shadows and onto the track.

IN THE TURN weaves Crystal's story into the broader narrative of the evolution of roller derby from a niche sport into a social movement with strong roots in the LGBTQ community. Crystal’s story finds its place among the journeys of other queer skaters whose stories we film across the United States - from LA and San Francisco to Austin, Brooklyn and Minneapolis. Crystal adds her profile to the mosaic of other transgender, lesbian, and queer roller derby skaters who have found acceptance and empowerment in the Vagine Regime.


  • Erica Tremblay

    Erica Tremblay is an award-winning filmmaker based in Boston where she works as a producer for the creative agency Digitas. She is the co-founder of Homespun Pictures and her films have been featured on PBS and the Independent Film Channel. In 2012, she received the Emerging Filmmaker award at the Kansas City Film Festival for her documentary “Heartland." Erica is enjoying her 9th season of roller derby with the Boston Derby Dames.
  • Bernard Parham

    Bernard Parham is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker who hails from scenic Chattanooga, TN. He threw himself into the exciting and seductive world of film and television production after graduating college in 2006, and he has never looked back. Bernard has written and directed short films, served as an Assistant Director on a number of independent features, and worked as a Casting Producer on dozens of broadcast and cable network television series. Along with Erica Tremblay he is a co-founder of Homespun Pictures.
  • Bodie Scott-Orman
    Producer/Director of Photography

    Bodie Scott-Orman started experimenting with photography at a young age with his grandmother’s Nikon SLR. Later, Bodie studied film production at Full Sail University in Florida before moving to Los Angeles to begin his career at the legendary Panavision motion picture equipment company. Since leaving Panavision he has worked with noted cinematographers Shane Hurlbut, Robert Richardson, Mauro Fiore and Mandy Walker. Bodie is a pioneer in DSLR cinematography, and he teaches the craft to other Directors of Photography in exclusive bootcamps.
  • Dan Litzinger

    Dan Litzinger is living the dream as a professional editor in beautiful Glendale, CA. He began his career in television nine years ago, working in the story department for many high profile shows where he discovered his true passion for editing. Originally from Atlanta, Dan is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design, a full and active national member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, and a pretty nice sort of fellow overall.
  • Sherri Kauk
    Director of Photography

    Sherri Kauk is an alumna of the American Film Institute, Sherri began her film production training at Ithaca College, receiving distinguished Cinema & Photography recognition. She’s globetrotted over 30 countries while shooting for “Band without Borders." Sherri continually seeks to perfect her cinematographic craft of storytelling and works when possible with her mentor, Shane Hurlbut, ASC (TERMINATOR). Through AFI master workshops she’s operated for SAW cinematographer David Armstrong and served as gaffer for cinematographer Paul Cameron, ASC.
  • Genevieve Danger Berrick
    Associate Producer

    Genevieve Danger Berrick got into roller derby in 2007 when it first hit Melbourne, Australia. She's interested in all of its aspects, and has lectured, presented at conferences, and written about it in magazines, for both leagues she's been associated with, and most recently for DNN. She is also resident tweetcaster for ACDG. 'Outside' of roller derby, she writes and researches about queer bodies. She got into this whole 'queer roller derby' as soon as rumors of it started, and hasn't looked back.
  • Rachel Johnston
    Associate Producer

    Rachel Johnston is a jill of all trades. In addition to associate-producing Heartland, a feature-length documentary about the Joplin tornado, she also worked in music sponsorship for many years and then as a casting producer in television for networks such as NBC, MTV, VH1, Bravo, LOGO and many more. Rachel is a skater for the Angel City Derby Girls currently ranked 7th in the world.
  • Tori Harris Talavera
    Associate Producer

    Tori Harris Talavera is the founder of the Vagine Regime, an international collective of queer-identified roller derby skaters and their allies. Tori lives in San Francisco, CA where she is the Associate Director of an outreach program serving youth on the streets of the city's "rough around the edges" Mission and Tenderloin districts. Tori enjoys connecting the queer roller derby community and using the Vagine Regime as an avenue to promote social justice for lesbian, gay, transgender, and other varied queer identities.
  • Sam Friedman

    Sam Friedman is a director, photographer, woodworker and musician based in Los Angeles. He graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Cinema and Photography. After college he spent four years in New York City, but moved to Los Angeles because it felt like home from the first time he visited. His visual work focuses on people, relationships, and travel. He cares a great deal about nature, sustainability, and improving the human condition. He has been writing music since he was a teenager.


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